Side panel

Side panel


Drilling and assembly machine

Specially designed for processing furniture parts on one side

The electronically controlled drilling and assembly machine BAT-DTWCNC for order related batch one manufacture of furniture parts is a genuine all-rounder. The versatility of this machine makes it suitable for application in all areas of furniture production.

  • Patented system for processing all six sides of the workpiece in a single pass without the need for reclamping – no setup times
  • The workpieces are cycled through the machine in the X direction. High processing speeds resulting from the very low moving mass
  • Tool change systems available for virtually all drilling, cutting and milling processes
  • Additional insertion and screw attachment of mounting plates, shelf supports or similar possible from above and below
  • All axis adjustments via controlled NC servo axes
  • Equipped with one or more gantries from above and/or below, individually tailored to the workpiece spectrum and desired capacity
  • Highly precise measuring of the workpieces by servo axes. Automatic calculation of the measured parts tolerances
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